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Should Businesses Inform Customers & the Public When a Scam is Impersonating Them?

Updated: Feb 23

Should businesses acknowledge when someone is trying to scam their customers?

This is a common question many businesses face with the ever-increasing fraudulent accounts spread across the internet, specifically social media platforms. From a marketing and public relations standpoint, businesses should take action.

Scams are becoming more common across the internet - specifically on social media. We see scammers leaving reviews on business pages referencing their increase in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and more. We are also seeing scammers completely impersonating businesses, trying to get customers and followers to fall victim and hand over their personally identifiable information or money.

In truth, businesses should take steps to inform their customers and the public when a scam is impersonating them. This proactive approach helps protect their brand and company reputation while building customer trust, and preventing individuals from falling victim to the scam.

Here are some recommended steps for businesses to take when they become aware of scams impersonating them:

1. Public Announcement: Issue a public statement or announcement through official channels such as the company website, social media accounts, and email newsletters. Clearly explain the nature of the scam, how it operates, and any relevant details that customers should be aware of.

2. Educational Materials: Provide educational materials or resources to help customers identify scams and distinguish between legitimate communications from the company and fraudulent ones. This could include examples of phishing emails, fraudulent websites, or phone scams.

3. Customer Support: Encourage customers to reach out to the company's official customer support channels if they have any doubts or concerns about suspicious communications they receive. Provide clear instructions on how customers can verify the authenticity of communications from the company.

4. Collaboration with Authorities: Work closely with law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, and consumer protection organizations to report the scam, gather evidence, and take legal action against the perpetrators, if applicable.

5. Block & Remove: If the scammer is impersonating your business on social media, block the account & any new accounts they may create.

By taking these proactive measures, businesses demonstrate their commitment to protecting their customers and maintaining the integrity of their brand. Additionally, it helps create a safer online environment for everyone involved.

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