Born in Michigan and raised in Indiana, I have always loved the outdoors and the beauty it has. I grew up in the country, went to a small school where I discovered my passions for art, writing, and photography. I was appointed the student newspaper's editor in the fall of 2006; taking on the task of overseeing a monthly publication for the student body.


In the fall of 2007, I started classes at the University of Indianapolis; emphasizing my studies in communication and journalism. That semester, I became an editor of my student newspaper, and my writing and design experience took off from there. 


After graduation in 2011, I pursued photography more, investing in a D-SLR camera and taking to the nature New York State has to offer. I also took on photography assignments for friends and family.


I am a photojournalistic photographer, capturing raw, natural moments that are shared. I pour my passion and my artistic background into my photography to provide the best images possible for you.